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We use a CEREC CAD/CAM machine to create same day crowns. Thanks to modern technology, you no longer need to make two visits to have the tooth crowning procedure done. The CEREC CAD/CAM technology makes it possible for you to have your tooth restored with a crown in one visit.

What is CEREC?

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) is an instrument that we use to restore your teeth. The CEREC allows us to provide you with ceramic fillings that are naturally colored and can be bonded to your teeth quickly. With this instrument, we no longer have to provide you with plastic temporary crowns while we wait for your permanent crowns to come in from a dental laboratory. We can do the entire crown procedure in one day, thanks to CEREC one visit crowns.

How Does It Work?

This procedure requires Dr. Hauck to use Computer Aided Design, also referred to as CAD. CAD/CAM is a type of technology that incorporates a camera, milling machine and computer into one piece of equipment. The equipment, or camera, takes a picture of your damaged tooth. Once the picture has been taken, it will display on a computer screen, and we will begin to design your crown, based on the impression that was transferred to the computer through the camera. At this time, the Computer Aided Manufacturing begins, and your restoration is designed. After this step is complete, the bonding process begins. Once the crown is bonded to your tooth, the CEREC one visit process is complete.

Changing the Color of Your Crowns

You no longer have to worry about your crowns not looking natural, because of coloring. With CEREC, you can have your crowns customized to look like your natural tooth. The crowns or inlays will be customized on a screen, and colored to match the color of your teeth, or as closely as possible. This procedure does not require a lot of time. In fact, we can complete this process within 2 hours; sometimes we only need 45 minutes. The completion times will vary, depending on your teeth and their complexity.

CEREC Misconceptions

A procedure this modern should cost a fortune, right? Not so! You are not only saving time by only having to come in for one visit, but you are not being charged more for the one day process. The type of material you use for your crowns will vary in pricing; one option will be more expensive than the other, but the actual CEREC one visit crowns are no more expensive than the two-visit procedure.

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This procedure is safe, and we will have your teeth restored quickly. Contact us to learn more about the CEREC one visit crowns!

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